Newark, MO Hare Scramble

General information

Race Date: June 17, 2017

Gate Fee: 10

Entry Fee: 40

Race options

Motorcycles (full size) start time: 10:30 C Master and Women

Minis start time: Yes

Quads start time: Sun 11am

Sponsoring club

United Offroad Racing

Contact information

Monty Gusse 815-631-3046

Race description

Rolling hills pasture ground. 8 miles main m/c race

Other notes

Iowa racers take 63 or 15 south to Kirksville, Mo. then take rt 6 to Edina and then to Labelle, from Labelle take county rd D south to track. You will cross highway 156 and continue south. Arrowed from Labelle. The bridge is out on highway 156 just east of Newark so do not use 156 if coming from the west.

Club members

Monty Gusse Bill Gusse