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IERA Meeting OMA/IERA Dual Sanctioned Hare Scrambles for 09?

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Should the IERA dual sanction one or two hare scrambles with local OMA Nationals?

Include the Ft. Dodge Iowa round of the OMA Nationals to the 2009 IERA schedule
Include the Memphis Missouri round of the OMA Nationals to the 2009 IERA schedule
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Include both the Ft. Dodge Iowa and the Memphis Missouri rounds of the OMA Nationals to the 2009 IERA schedule
Do Not include any of the OMA National rounds in the 2009 IERA schedule
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Courses have to easy enough too allow most of the riders, to have a reasonable chance of actually being able to ride the course. If a guy isn't having fun, they are not going to come back. I wasn't having fun and considering the carnage that I saw in the C class, I can't imagine too many of them having fun either. I remember at Maquoketa where you readjusted a little off camber log, because the C riders were having trouble. That section was nothing compared to the mudhole. But I could be wrong and all the C guys may say, it was an awesome race and can't wait to come back.

I understand your point about having to sweep the course. I had not thought of that. But in this case I think the course should have been rerouted. I never saw where the course was rerouted around the the creek section? And I don't think anyone else did either. It just seems senseless to me to bury riders, when the course had deteriorated to the point it had. The course was in better shape the last lap of the first race vs. the first lap of the last race. It only got worse with each lap.

In addition, reports of spectators pointing "their" rider to sweet lines, while pointing the competition to bottomless pits in the creek, just adds to the frustration. Granted this is not the promotors fault and they have no control over this. But if these impassible sections didn't exist, neither would this type of unsportsmanlike behavior.

Maybe I'm a cranky old rider who doesn't want to be "challenged" anymore? In that case I can choose to move back to the 40A class and run the first race on a fresher course. Or I can choose to stay home.
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I don't recall the SB and C classes starting on time at Zwingle, if I recall correctly we were nearly an hour and a half late. I would rather start after the fast bikes for the reasons you stated, can see the course and the "bypass routes" in the tough areas. But finishing a race at 5:00 pm when your 4 and half hours from home makes for a very long day. :?


(: Kevin Rugaard :)
Tom Farris
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I totally agree with courses needing to be "beginner rider" friendly. That is why we took out the EX course at Maquoketa / Zwingle along with some other very challenging areas of the course for the second race. Our whole intention was to have a challenging race for the A & B riders while making it easier and fun for the beginner and older "grumpy" riders :)

I hope that WFO maybe learned from this so they can make it easier next time and that the riders of the second event understand that sometimes no matter how hard you try things still fall apart.

Again keep in mind that the Geneseo course was
A). virgin terrain
B). very hilly and difficult to lay out and reroute
C). soaked with rain all week before, and
D). only 5 miles long.

They did reroute the course in one area to get an injured AA rider out in the ambulance. In hind sight WFO probably should have ran the second race on the quad course or rerouted but who knows maybe the ATV course was destroyed already too. It is a lot of work putting on an event so I hate to criticize clubs or promoters when things fall apart due to the weather or unforeseen circumstances. I guess my advice to riders who don't want to ride in adverse conditions is to stay home if they know that they are not going to have fun. but then again if they stay home they will never improve their riding skills. Sometimes you need to push your limits to get better.

The reason that the second race started late at Maquoketa was because we had an 11 mile course to ride clean up on and reroute around the "challenging" areas. Next year maybe we need to have a second check point that would shut riders off at the half way point take their score card and send them back to the pits on a short cut. That way they would all be getting finished at close the same time. :?:
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I rode Geneseo last w/e. I'm an old and grumpy beginner but ride the C class because I get in the way of about 50 C riders if I ride senior B...... if only there was a senior D :) . I have to say I had a blast at Geneseo. It was "character building" and definately challenging for a beginner but a great course in my opinion. If it was on next w/e I'd run it again and probably do better. The mud hole and deep ruts were the best parts - something new to get through. (well maybe not that new - I cant deny, I've been stuck in mud holes before!!).

I crashed a few times but made it through the mud hole and up most of the slick hills with out too much trouble - must have been that fancy clutch Tom sold me :roll: I finished close to last in C class so this is the opinion of one the slowest riders out there!

I definately like having the fast classes separate - is this something the iera races can consider?

My hat's off for the organizers - great job!


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