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2017 Class Advancements

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B classes to A classes
1. Garrett Krauth (B)
2. Kale Critchlow(B)
3. Travis Breazeale (B)
4. Darron Rohe (SB)
5. Ben Miller (SB)
6. Craig Hol (SB)
7. John Houston (VB)
8. Chris Hansen(VB)
9. Greg Johnson (SSB)
10. Kevin Kincaid(SSB)

C classes to B classes
1. Kyle Willenborg (C)
2. Tanner Ellison (C)
3. Jaxen Driskell (C)
4. Cody Berens (C)
5. Chase Schrage (VC)
6. Adam Heuschkel (VC)
7. Kenworth McKinney (VC)

Let me know if you disagree with any of these advancements. Just a reminder that voluntary advancement is encouraged for riders who have outgrown the skill level of their current class.

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