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Scoring at the ICCR Keithsburg race, March 12 2017

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well , there is another system out there that the pro supermotard racers use, they have a transponder that goes on the bikes, and there is a stip on the track they ride over (almost like a speed bump) at the end of the race we turn in the transponders, and they are booking ike 80mph over this strip.I'm not sutre what the system, is when I get some time I can investigate it if u like .
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There has been some discussion that the test that was done Sunday affected the current system somehow. We did our research before the test and now after. I have given most of this information to the iera officers but it seems there are still questions. I hope this puts to rest some of the questions.

The antenna currently used is a alien 9650 gen 2 antenna the antenna livelaps uses is a alien 9650 gen 2. This antenna is meant for indoor use it is used in the transportation and warehouse industry and it has an effective read range of 20 meters UNOBSTRUCTED  that's about 65', our antennas were pointed in opposite directions and we're 600' apart. The industries that use this are not going crazy with interference and can run a few to hundreds of these antennas in the same building without interference.

The antenna scanner can't read through metal period. We had 2 vehicals and a large trailer parked between the two systems. We had a rider with the livelaps tag ride around the vehicles and we could not pick him up once behind the vehicals, suggesting that our signal was contained from the other

Also, National enduros can have up to 14 of these antennas at a race with no issue, the same antenna currently used by the iera.

Now the transponders, both transponders are passive tags which are known for relatively short ranges up to 65' in ideal conditions. livelaps transponders are specifically programed with a proprietary frequency and can ONLY be picked up by the livelaps setup.
If you look up our current transponders on the event score site it specifically states "Event Scoring Transponders are specifically programmed to work with our Readers and software". The two systems can not read each others tags.

I want to reiterate that there were 10 volunteers and 6 other non volunteer riders with livelaps tags out of 130. 3 of those 16 were mis scored and 1 of those 3 was a non volunteer that i had no interaction with other than picking up there tag scan during the race. But the dozen or more other upset riders who were mis scored did not have a livelaps tag.

I have ran the iera tag and the livelaps tag together for years as have MANY other IERA racers. I personally installed each livelaps tag used in the test, they were mounted in the correct orientation and location on everyone's visor as far away from any existing tag that they could be. Once this was done the volunteer moved to the iera table and were handed a new iera tag which was not put on by our score crew, I watched most of the volunteers put the iera tags on to make sure they were not affecting our test tag. As for all the other riders, they could have stuck their tags in any orientation or location they wanted to, tags on chrome or metalic visors could mis read, tags at an angle or stuck directly to a carbon fiber helmet could also potentially produce a mis read. None of the iera tags were verified but all the test tags were verified by me.

I have asked the opinions of two third parties unrelated to either scoring system about the likely hood of interference, they replied that the two systems used with the equipment used should not be able to interfere with each other given the specs.

We didn't have livelaps at any other race but yet have had the same problems with missed scans. It happened at every Keithsburg and Atalissa race in the past 2 years along with many others.

I hope this covers it.
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Stan has assured me that they will have the scoring system and crew ready for Jefferson. Don't light the torches and get out the pitchforks just yet. If the system can run as well as he claims, then we can all get back to racing and talking smack.

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