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mike black
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We had 76 new IERA members sign up at Jefferson. You will not have your membership cards in time for Brooks. I will send a list of the Jefferson applicants to the Brooks promoter to verify your membership. Those Jefferson applicants will also not show up in "Points" as an IERA Member until I get them entered into the database. I always recommend to get your membership application in before the first event of the season, so these delays would not be an issue. If everyone would have their membership cards prior to the events, it would substantially speed up the event sign up lines.
Mike Black
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It would be nice to join the 21st century and have the sign up form online and payments via PayPal. This would create a lot less work entering info for the officers behind the scenes and make it easy for the riders as well. Just a thought and I realize making this work may not be free and could take time upfront, but it would be sweet!

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