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IERA Electronic Scoring Contractor Opening

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QUINTIN wrote:Speaking of race results I don't see any after June 4. Am I looking in the wrong place or they not posted after June 4?

You are looking in the right place Quinton, the results just aren't there. There were some issues this year and info was lost. That's part of why we are looking at testing other systems.
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ALF88 wrote:Can't we just go back to the score card system?
Why do we need to see results half way thru the event on a phone? You win - you win, .. you finish second - you are the first loser. Why do we need to know during the event? And lap results, WTH. It is nice to see results of the race on your phone before you get home. But face it - you rode the race -- you know the results. WTH . Be nice to lower the entry fee by $5.00 .....that cost to the club for the $400 is passed to the rider.
Seems like both of ya have been smoking the wacky weed.
Look at the attendance of's all old farts. Not much young blood.
Enough said for now.

I agree 100%. if we can't find a technology that's as easy as scorecards or close to it and 90% of club's can't use it on their own, we should do score cards. That makes more work for Officers as well though so either way there will be a slight compromise.
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I was just thumbing through a couple posts and it appears gncc does use ess per this post from chubby :

I've done some research on the hole scoring deal, I've talked with the head of scoring for the GNCC , the owner of the scoring software company we use and the owner of the transponder company that the GNCC uses.

Bottom line is out transponders are the least expensive and least reliable type and our loop detection hardware is also a less expensive and less reliable. In this case we are getting what we pay for.

"The GNCC uses the same software we have
with some custom features specific to the GNCC" and they use battery powered transponders as well as "race to the finish" loop detection.
All this means is five guys can litteraly cross the finish line wide open within fractions of a second and the system will pick them up. 

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