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Dan Myers
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Not sure if everyone already has this, but i found a site with the race info. From the look of it, they are requiring a headlight.
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One of the best races of the year
Nicholas Nenow
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Yes we do require a headlight as do most enduros and dual sports that run on public roads.

Don't forget that not only do we have the Enduro on Sunday we also have the dual sport on Saturday. The dual sport use of most of the same trails as the Enduro with some optional easy sections thrown in so you don't have to ride the hard stuff if you don't want to.

Right now the trails are all arrowed and looking good and the weather looks great too.

I'll have the mileage in a couple days also for both events.

Hope to see you there.
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Will a taillight be required also?

I have a headlight just no taillight.

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