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FlyinRyan wrote:The Morrison enduro is being put on by Monte Gusse, Bill's son for those that don't know. He formed an AMA club just to put this enduro on for the IERA and D17 riders. Sure hope everyone supports this enduro so it continues.

It's sad to see that Geneseo is not on the IERA schedule because of HS on the same date. Not sure why the IERA can't have both on the same date and let the riders choose where they want to go. Also a shame that by not having Geneseo on the schedule it hurts a club that has supported the IERA for years.

I am glad to see the addition of another enduro, if it is anything like the Brushpoppers old enduro it should be great.
Hopefully the turnout will be good and other events will also be held. I would hope other riders also attend so the sport will grow instead of dying off like some of the Iowa events
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More MRG Bitter Start Enduro Info: March 29th
** Headlight needs to be mounted for appearance
** Their is free primitive camping available Sat night, elec hook up is $10.
** The trail will be 1 loop
** Their will be a gas stop about midway on course and will be arrowed from the pits
** 9:15 riders meeting in Pit stop near starting area
** No spark arresters are required
** A two hour sign up will be available Sat night from 5 to 7 pm.
** No campfires per landowner. There will be a community fire pit.
Nicholas Nenow
Steve Millsap
The flyer for Morrison has been posted even though it says the site has not been updated.
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Steve, you just found a bug in the website. Thanks!

Also, keytime for the race is actually 10am. Monty emailed me earlier and I hadn't posted it yet. Will post on the home page tonight, but just know that even thought the flyer says 9am, keytime is actually 10am!
Steve Millsap
You can find the results for the Bitter Start Enduro at Morrison, Il. posted in picture ALBUMS of the Iowa Enduro Riders Association face book page. Check it out.

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