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Below are the racers who will receive end of year awards at the banquet this year. Please let me know if you see any discrepanices.


Enduro Series

Overall A Champion Tim Taber

1st AA Eric Coulter
2nd AA Tom Farris
3rd AA Bradley Kennard
4th AA Aaron Fahrer

1st A Casey Iles
2nd A Erik Salmon

1st Vet A James Razor
2nd Vet A Shane Millsap
3rd Vet A Adam Wyant
4th Vet A Mitch Sheets
5th Vet A Nicholas Nenow

1st Senior A Dale Iles
2nd Senior A Brad Krauth
3rd Senior A Greg Wright
4th Senior A Eric Burghardt
5th Senior A Kevin Hansen

1st Super Senior Jeff Behrendsen
2nd Super Senior Tim Anderson
3rd Super Senior Larry Bever
4th Super Senior Mike Black
5th Super Senior Tim Hetzel

Overall B Champion John Wagner

1st B Jake Gould
2nd B Dylan Collins
3rd B Kelly Heckman

1st Vet B Brian Friest
2nd Vet B Eric Tjelmeland
3rd Vet B Jason Moore

1st Senior B Eric Neu
2nd Senior B Mike Vierling
3rd Senior B Steve Sanger
5th Senior B David Czarnecki

Overall C Champion Jacob Wilson

2nd C Brock Anderson

1st Vet C Aaron Grimm
2nd Vet C Bob Troutner

1st Masters Jim Spencer
2nd Masters Larry Crosby
3rd Masters John Nenow
4th Masters Ronald Less

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