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Ron Less
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Not sure who's responsible for updating the Rules Section of the IERA website but the classes listed for enduros in 2016 is simply not correct. With the events be co-sanctioned with IL and MN, we need to have this info correctly communicated.

The class listing shown is from several years ago and the correct enduro class listing can be found under the Points Section. The only change for 2016 is splitting the Super Senior Class into A and B classes.

IERA enduro classes for 2016 are: AA, A, Vet A, Senior A, Super Senior A , B, Vet B, Senior B, Super Senior B, C, Vet C, Masters & Women.

Look forward to seeing everyone at Fremont and Dayton the next two weekends.
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Hey Ron, thanks for pointing that out. I updated the website to reflect the proper classes. The only change I saw needed was to split Super Senior out into Super Senior A and Super Senior B. Let me know if I missed anything though.

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