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Minnesota 1st Ever Sprint Enduro !!!! May 6-7

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Sprint Enduro is more like a hare scramble, your class is to run 2-5 laps of two to three loops in a set time window, each time you run a loop you can go back to the truck take a leak, get a drink, nap or get back in line and bang out all your laps on the at loop and wait for you next section to open.

Each rider is let go 20-30 (or so) seconds apart, no mass start like a hare scramble, no four to a row like enduro, you'll have a 2-3 or some where in between hour window to get your laps completed on that loop, before it's shut down and the next class starts.

So basically, at the end of the day the seconds are added up and then lowest number of the racers that completed all there allotted laps pops the cork.

Kids race Saturday, adult classes Sunday, there is over night parking Saturday night, no generator, no barking dog, no noisy pit bikes.
More info here:

Jason Goth is the contact for the race and he seriously needs help, text him and get on the list if you can help out 612-325-1945
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There is over night parking , camping is not allowed to be advertised at this location.
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Cambridge Sprint Enduro
How this works, first of all, all riders have to be signed up before sign up closes, 8:55 a.m. for the C Class and 11:55 a.m. for the A and B Classes. The reason for this is we have to get the sign up database to all 6 scoring computers out on the race course before racing can begin, at this point riders cannot be added.
• All riders will have to keep track of sections and laps that are required to complete the race; please do not ask the scoring people how many times you have ran a section, that’s not what they are there to do.
• Start and finish of each section will be near each other. You may choose to ride any of the 3 loops to start. You may ride the section you choose until your laps are complete. Example, if you need to ride loop 3, 5 times, then you just get back in line and keep riding until your laps are complete. DO NOT RIDE A SECTION MORE TIMES THAN REQUIRED! If you ride a loop more times than required, your fastest time will be thrown out. MotoTally will not count additional laps, it's a waste of time for us and for you, please don't do it. There are no re-dos, if you get a bad lap.
• If you do not complete all laps that are required, you will DNF the whole race. All riders have to be scored the same to work, since one person may DNF Loop 2 of Section 1 and another rider DNF's Loop 2 of Section 2, the only way to score this is an overall DNF.
• There is reset time, used as the rider wishes. You will have a short transfer section to go from parking to Section 1, you could use it to get fuel for your bike or take a breather. No matter how you use it you still have to complete the race in the time allotted. If you are not in line when the check closes you will have a DNF on your score.

• Peewee, Premier and Girls Classes 12 miles
• C Class 20.3 miles
• B Class 26.3 miles
• A Class 34.8 miles
• Micro and Macro Classes is TBD, it will be short all ran within the TT course

• Micro and Macro Classes will be given 30 minutes plus what it takes to finish
• Peewee, Premier and Girls Classes should be able to finish within an hour but checks won't close until all riders have a chance to finish
• C Class will be given 2 hours 20 minutes
• A and B Classes will be given 3 hours 20 minutes

• Youth are running on Saturday, Micro and Macro Classes start at 2:00 p.m.
• Pewee, Primer and Girls Classes start at 3:00 p.m.
• C Class starts around 9:100 a.m.
• A and B Classes start around 12:10 p.m.

Some other points
• Micro and Macro Classes will all be within the TT course and parents will be able to see them the whole time
• New riders may find some of the terrain a challenge
• All riders will be transponder scored, if you do not have a transponder you will need to purchase one
• All riders will need numbers on their bikes. D23 Hare Scrambles numbers work just fine, if you do not have numbers you will need to purchase numbers
• All riders on Sunday must pass sound test, just like any other off road race in D23
• Loop 1 is all woods and tight Enduro trail, may take people longer to complete
• Loop 2 is open grass track with some woods, most likely to be your fastest loop
• Loop 3 is moto track, grass track, and little woods, the longest of the 3 loops but very fast
• At the start of each section, a flagger will start each rider individually 15-30 seconds apart, you are racing the clock
• Video is posted on the D23 Facebook page, search Jason Goth D23 and you should be able to get a glimpse of the course
• THINK! Don’t use up all your reset time only to run out at the end and get a DNF
• Let faster riders go by, it’s easier to follow a fast rider than ride in front of them
• Be kind to all the workers, we are all volunteers and are already overworked

Most importantly, Have Fun! You get to do something on the weekends that other people only dream of.
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The Boy Scouts will running the MASH restaurant Sunday as they have at some of the other races.

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