Forum For Sale useless KTM/Husky Bling!!! CHEEP!!! LOOK HERE/HEAR/HER!!!!!

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useless KTM/Husky Bling!!! CHEEP!!! LOOK HERE/HEAR/HER!!!!!

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ive got 2 blue anodized Tusk/Rockymountain oil fill plugs that fit ktm or husky bikes.

$5 a peice!!!!! that's 1/2 price!!!!! You CAN NOT go wrong with these!

Adds roughly 17 horse power to the rear wheel! shaves 20LBS off the bike!!! will make your suspension work better and most importantly of all they look pretty!!! act quick as these wont last long given all the benefits I just listed!!!!

PS. they will not fit a Hinson clutch cover.


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Why don't you use them as visor screws on the new helmet

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