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The Off Road Cup 9hr race -A and AA guys look, or everyone!

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A few IERA members have done this race over the last couple years, my first experience was last year and I had nothing but the best time!
This is a 9hr long harescramble! You can have three man teams, two man, family, or Ironman it on your own! (I ironmaned it!!) You each get to use your own bike (don't have to share) and you can each have a back up bike, tires, rims, whatever! The point is to see who has the best series, no excuses!
Last year's race and this years race are at the same location which they have previously not done. Its just across the boarder into Oklahoma which is about 7 hrs from Iowa city for a reference.
The web site is. Every one was super nice, you get your own pit area (bring your pop up and plenty of gas!)
It would be great for some AA teams from the IERA to show up and put an end the the MORE series domination! Check out the website!

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