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Morrison, IL enduro Lights?

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The Geneseo enduro was on the schedule and was on the same date as the Council Bluffs OMA hare scramble.
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no kidding? hmmm....seems like the Gusse fellas have the run of things when it comes to the IERA lmao.......and now they will have the run of our scoring system too! good luck this year folks.......I'm out
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Fingers crossed Danger Dave! Needs to be dummy proof so guys like me can do it if/when it gets turned over to the clubs!
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More MRG Bitter Start Enduro Info: March 29th
** Headlight needs to be mounted for appearance
** Their is free primitive camping available Sat night, elec hook up is $10.
** The trail will be 1 loop
** Their will be a gas stop about midway on course and will be arrowed from the pits
** 9:15 riders meeting in Pit stop near starting area
** No spark arresters are required
** A two hour sign up will be available Sat night from 5 to 7 pm.
** No campfires per landowner. There will be a community fire pit.
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