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Geneseo registration issues?

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First name: Jeromy
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I lost the post because the site timed out.

There are several wrong names in the livelaps results for Geneseo & people will probably want their points for going to that 1 hour race.

Jeremy Warner 50+A is actually Jerry Warner D22
Jeremy Dilman 40+B is IERA Jeromy DillmOn. (it'd help if someone could change that to DillmAn so scores could flow by name across district results pages)

I think Darian Braun SR-B IERA showed up but his name isn't listed in livelaps and what I believe was his number is listed as Davin Brund. 40+B. Someone would probably have to check with him. I think I saw his bike by Mitch Sheets' truck.

This would probably be an easier process if there was a D22 sign up sheet at cosanctioned events.

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