Racing Tips

1. Don't expect to win your first race. Two hours of racing is a lot different than 2 hours of play riding. Remember - winning isn't the main reason to race (although it is nice). Racing is a good way to enjoy what you love best (riding motorcycles). It is also a great opportunity to see terrain that you wouldn't see if you just rode at your every day riding area. By the way you might even meet a lot of good people with your same love of riding!
2. Push yourself to do better. But don't overdo. It takes a lot more energy to pick up your bike and restart it (especially if you crash a lot) than it does to slow down just a little and ride smooth. Speed up as you familiarize yourself with the terrain.
3. Unlike motocross it is not critical that you get the hole shot. Although a good start is preferable. You have 2 hours to pass people and crashing in the first corner just to get the hole shot will make the task a lot tougher.
4. Learn from your mistakes! Not going to a race just because you crashed, or because it rained the day before, or you aren't feeling in the best condition are reasons to fail. You will never become a better all around rider if you only ride when you feel your best and conditions are perfect. Everyone excels in different riding conditions. Some in sand, some Mud, and others when it's dry slick. Everyone also makes mistakes and crashes. As long as you learn and don't keep making the same mistakes you will definitely get faster and feel better.
5. Most of all remember why you came to the race. Because you love to ride! Any other accomplishments are just a bonus.
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