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Why was the program created

In my enduro racing career one thing always seemed consistent. The fact that no roll chart looked the same from one race to the next, so on top of racing the course you were also mentally figuring out what each clubs terminology meant (If you could read the small text in some cases). After searching the Internet and not finding a roll chart program for enduros I decided to create this program to promote consistent looking roll charts from race to race and I hope eventually from district to district.

I started creating the original roll chart program in 2004 with input from Mike Black (A district 22 race promoter), but with limited programming experience at the time it proved frustrating and I put it aside for a year or so. As I gained programming experience I started again and got quite a ways before stopping again. In July of 2007 Brad Knisely emailed me to say he found the old program by a Google search and asked about using it. This sparked my interest again and I went back to work on the program. With some programming help from Brian Jahelka I completed the program.

In 2010 I received an email letting me know I had a calculation error, while correcting the error I realized that I needed to make changes in several areas of the program, so I decided it was time for a rewrite and I have now created a user interface that does not refresh the whole page every time a mileage entry is submitted. It should prove to be a quicker data entry process.

About myself and experience

I have been riding motorcycles since 1975 and I have raced motocross, hare scrambles and enduros. My last motocross race was in 1992. In 1993 a friend and I raced the National hare scramble series and it was a blast. I finished 2nd overall in the 250 A class.
Locally (District 22 - Iowa and District 17 - Illinois) I have raced the double A class in enduros for many years and continue to race that class. In hare scrambles I raced double A for about 15 years and as happens I am getting older and a little slower so I have raced Senior A for a few years but in 2010 will be moving back up to the A class.

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