IERA using the same basic registration process as last year. This includes hare scrambles and enduros. In 2021 we will again use Moto Tally to score all IERA hosted hare scrambles and enduros. We’ll continue to use the Moto Tally system to track and display points through the same IERA website.

Please read through the instructions below and then register online.


Rider Search

The first screen you will see when you start the registration process is a rider search screen. If you have previously raced within IERA using Moto Tally your information is still in the system, so check first to see if you have your information in there. Use that as a starting point so you don’t create multiple instances of your race data.


AMA numbers

For all Enduros and some Hare Scrambles an AMA card is required. If you already have an AMA number you can provide it during registration. The system will check before AMA races to see if your card has expired. You do not have to provide an AMA number for this registration, it is only provided as a convenience.


All information

Please provide all of the requested information – full address, email (your receipt will be sent here), date of birth, and emergency contact information.



The IERA registration fee is $25 for the season and can be paid with a PayPal account or with a credit card online. If you would prefer to pay by check, instead of choose Pay Now for PayPal, you can choose to Complete Registration and follow the mail in instructions.


Bike numbers for hare scrambles

We will be assigning a number to each member for the entire series. You are not required to display the number or add graphics, but you are welcome to do so. Helmet stickers will still be provided at signup for backup scoring. If you want to request a number, you can do so during the registration process. You can also check to see what numbers have been assigned already. If you do not have a number at your first race you will be assigned one.

If you ran a series number last year and would like to run the same number this year you have until January 31st to register and pay to reserve that number. Starting February 1st all unassigned numbers are available. In the event of duplicate requests, the first requestor will get that number, unless the previous owner claims it prior to January 31st . To see assigned bike numbers, follow the link on the Class Info page during registration. You will be taken to the 2021 numbers, but you can also select 2020 to see last year’s numbers.

A new change for this year is we will assign numbers within each race, instead of across all racers. This means a 65 rider may have the same number as a B rider. While this will open up the numbers and help avoid having so many “X” numbers, if you have a child that moves up during the year and races both 85 and C, or 50 and 65, they may have to use a different number in their new class. This means changing their helmet number between races if they race two different races in the same day. This will not affect their transponder.


Multiple classes

If you have a child that will participate in multiple classes (50 and 65, for example) then you only need to register them once for IERA. When you get to a race (or pre-enter online) you can indicate they will participate in multiple classes (and pay for each class). This IERA registration is per rider per season. The system will allow you to sign up for multiple classes during IERA registration, but if you do so you will be charged for multiple annual memberships for no additional benefit.


Multiple registrations

You are able to submit multiple registrations in one transaction, such as registering yourself and your kids. Finish the process for each registration, then submit one payment for the total.



Series points will be awarded at the first race on or after the day of registration. If you register after you have participated in one or more races, those races will not count in your season total.


IERA will no longer mail membership cards

You will receive an email if you sign up online and provide a valid email. That will act as your receipt of registration and payment for the IERA season. Your information will be in the system for race registration and you only need to confirm that nothing has changed (ie. address or emergency contact info) when you sign-up for an event.



If you have further questions, please contact Scott Fleck at


Minor registration form